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Hello all chess players! We have a facebook page now! You can follow us there for quick updates.


There has been a time change. Chess Club will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-9:30 at the Holy Cross House. You may stop by to study or just play for fun!

See you there!


RIP Mark Dvoretsky

Sept 26 2016 is a very tragic day for all chess players and enthusiasts. Today is the day that the great Mark Dvoretsky died. He was a great chess teacher, writer and player. His books have had great impact on the chess community. His writings have touched me greatly and I would like to share a quote by him;

It is not possible to become a great player without having learned how to analyse deeply and accurately. – Mark Dvortsky

Also… since we are chess players. Here’s a puzzle from one of his games:


The solution is going to be posted on the next post.

RIP Mark Dvortsky, we will always remember you.